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5 Ways to Improve Grades through Good Handwriting

Good handwriting matters even though typing has pretty much replaced it in this digital age. Research has shown that good handwriting can boost your chances of scoring high in written exams. So, if you have legible handwriting, you can make it count. There are always some tricks to improve the handwriting that you can follow. A well-written paper can have a lasting impression on your paper checker. If h ...

7 Tips to Nail Your Project Presentation

Semester or degree project holds a major significance for your final grades. Your whole effort on the project is reflected by your final presentation. The way you present it marks a noteworthy difference. Most of the students are not good at group presentations. They fail at collaborating when it comes to group work and making a presentation. PapersHelm reviews some useful tips in this area. Knowing You ...

Top 4 Techniques for Learning Phrasal Verbs

The English language can be complicated for new learners. It has so many inflections that are enough to confuse those who are merely acquainted with this lingua. And as if the grammar was not enough to make things complex; there are phrasal verbs that may add insult to the injury. Apart from novices, many students are observed struggling with this share of English language. PapersHelm acknowledges the l ...