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5 Ways for Getting Writing Inspiration

Out of great ideas to write on? You are not alone in this misery. It can happen to anyone and is particularly worrisome for writers hell-bent on meeting deadlines. But, understand that even the best-laid plans fail. So, what can you do to get out of this funk? Well, for starters no banging your head against books. That is more likely to give you a headache than inspiration. What you can do, is continue ...

5 Essential Writing Instructions for Scientists in the Making

Writing is a crucial part of the scientific vocation which includes report writing. Your concepts, researches, hypothesis, and recommendations should be written in a systematized and simple way. This somehow means that a scientist should be a ood writer and conversationalist. Improper writing skills can destroy the publications of great inspections and inventions. A scientist is not considered qualified ...

9 Mistakes that Students Make During Exams

Exams bring a lot of stress and nervousness for students. Even those who are well prepared for exams experience this fear of losing marks. Most of the students don’t even know why and where they lose their marks. The fear before the exam leads to many mistakes that students make which are listed below.  This fear is the reason why you often go blank despite preparing well. It is the biggest factor that ...