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5 MOOCs to Improve Your Essay Writing Skills

Academic experts are unanimous on the importance of improving essay writing skills. If you want to improve your writing style, then you are at the right place. PapersHelm reviews some prestigious essay writing courses. Universities offer these courses to enrich your knowledge. These high-quality online courses are sponsored by known educational units of high competitive level. PapersHelm would like to r ...

PapersHelm Shares Feat of 2017 – We’re Rated 1st by WritingServiceReviews

The online market for writing service is getting bigger and bigger. With many service providers coming up with mind-blowing claims, only a few manage to hold on to them. PapersHelm is that one distinctive online service which has managed to expand its client base in a short time. Due to our high reputation, we have been ranked 1st by WritingServiceReviews as top writing service. WritingServiceReviews ha ...

Top 7 Major Learning Styles for Students

Learning is a persistent process.  Those who wish to learn something can utilize various resources. However, with the passage of time, learning styles have changed to a significant extent. That is because of the human preferences that change with the situation and time. There are seven major learning styles. Some people, however, tend to stick to only one style as they feel comfortable with it. But the ...