5 Effective Tips to Polish

5 Effective Tips to Polish Your Writing Skills

Most writers dream of achieving a comprehensive writing style. Hence, they spend hundreds of dollars on workshops or paid online manuals to polish their skills. They polish writing skills to point where the readers can easily understand their ideas.

Being new to writing doesn’t necessarily mean that you should spend money on workshops to improve your skills. Rather, by paying attention to the use of syntax, punctuation, and style, you can achieve clarity in your writing easily!

Here are few useful tips to improve writing skills!

Use Vivid Verbs

Vivid verbs are descriptive verbs that are used to create accurate visual images in readers’ minds. To be an interesting writer, you should swap common verbs with vivid verbs in your writing. For example, instead of using ‘walking’ you can use ‘stroll,’ ‘stride’ or ‘scuff.’ By using vivid verbs, you’ll be able to evoke accurate imagery!

Always Use Oxford Comma

Many people avoid the use of a serial comma, but ongoing lawsuit concerning the use of Oxford comma can make anyone think twice about its usage. Also, elimination of Oxford comma contributes can confuse your readers.

Whenever you are listing more than two things, it is necessary to put a comma before conjunction to avoid confusion. For example, I love my parents, Elvis Presley, and Madonna. Here the lack of a comma before ‘and’ can lead your readers to think that Elvis and Madonna are your parents!

Trim Your Writing

Shorter sentences deliver clear messages whereas long sentences can contribute towards confusion. Although convenient, shorter sentences perform poorly when it comes to compel or provoke readers. This is why you should trim your writing. Prune your longer sentences by removing fuzzy words, contradicting ideas or sentence structures. Trim your sentences while keeping them comprehensive. You can also visit PapersHelm for writing help!

Eliminate Jargon

Jargon is the use of specific terminology in a particular profession or a small group. Jargons are extremely difficult to understand by individuals outside that particular profession. You should avoid such terminologies as they promote confusion.  If the context makes it necessary to include them, then add a sentence or two to explain what they stand for!

Manage Paragraph Length

The ordinary requirement of a paragraph is five-sentences which can be frustrating at times. Often, writers are unable to convey their messages in traditional length of a paragraph which is why you should craft a paragraph that is at least 10-15 sentences in narrow columns. Another tip to hold on to is to never follow the same length of paragraphs throughout your entire content.

These are our five tips that will help you achieve clarity in your writing. Although, there must be tons of other tips that will assist you, as a beginner, try to work out with these five tips. If you try to bend some rules to suit your content requirements, just be sure that your attempt doesn’t add up to list of your embarrassing writing mistakes!

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