How to Write a Report

How to Write a Report on a Famous Person

Tasked with writing a report on a famous personality? Feeling confused because you have never written one before? If it’s any solace, most people don’t know how to write a report; which is why an informational blog like ours exists!

In this blog, we have listed correct way of crafting a report from scratch. We will inform you how to conduct research, how to organize the material and how to categorize information according to their importance. So without further ado, let go over the structure of report!

Research Your Topic

The first step requires you to research personality that is going to be the subject of your report. Your initial research will provide you with a general idea of your topic. Further, try to avoid such internet resources where information is not reliable. However, such resources can be great for providing you with enough material for your detailed research.

Also, don’t forget to visit the library to gather more information.

Gather Notes

To keep track of your research, you have to note down all information at a place through which you can easily access it for later use. For this purpose, note taking is an effective technique as you can refer to your research when starting work on your actual report.

Moreover, note taking habit will be of great help when compiling your citation list.

Find Your Focus

As reports are shorter, it’s impossible to cover all life’s aspects of any person within a few pages. The best way is by providing your readers with a general overview of person. Afterward, focus on a particular point that is of interest to you.

For example, if your person of interest is Eleanor Roosevelt, then you can focus on her as the First Lady of United States, or you can write about her work for women’s right. You can also get a perfect report sample on PapersHelm.

Track all Your Sources

Whatever you have researched, read or scoured from library books, you should make out a list of all resources you have taken your information from. This is because you need to inform your readers about sources from where you have gathered your statistics!

Create an Outline

Formulating an outline will help you organize information which in turn will give your report a shape. For the outline, begin with your main subject of introduction. Then you should list all sub points for discussion in each body paragraph.

Categorize Information

You cannot create an outline without categorizing information. So sort out your thoughts and try to categorize information according to their importance. This step will take time, but it will be worth it in the end.

Revising Your Report

When you have created your first draft, review it to make sure that nothing is out of place. Go through the introduction, body points, and conclusion. Also, make sure that you aren’t introducing any new information in conclusion as it will only confuse your readers.

Moreover, use this time to revise your entire report for clarity. Get rid of all grammatical and other structural errors to make sure that you have used all suitable words. Lastly, if possible, have someone else review your document to ensure that no mistakes escaped your revision attempt!

Struggling to write a report? PapersHelm is here to aid you through a helpful yet effective outline that will help you craft pristine reports from scratch!

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