Utilizing Time: 10 Ways Writers can be Productive

Utilizing Time: 10 Ways Writers can be Productive

Writing without any sense of time is like driving a car without any sense of direction. Overwhelming deadlines make time management a crucial factor for writers. Moving on, some writers have time issues while others have so much time that they start making excuses to avoid this task altogether.

In between these two categories, there exists a writer’s group that lacks a connection needed to bridge the gap between their love of writing and completion of ordinary tasks. There are dishes to do, lawn to mow, movies to watch and so many other things that drag them away from their writing passion.

In such scenarios, writers have to make and utilize their time wisely. But how can they do so? Simple, just go through mentioned tips and utilize time!

  1. Install a diction app in your mobiles or tablets. Whatever activity you are doing, whether it is baking or laundry, open the app and start dictating your thoughts or writing prompt that you can work on later. Download Dictadroid for Android and Dragon Diction for iOS.
  2. Instead of listening to your favorite radio station, put on a craft book or some other useful writing podcast on your way to shopping mart or mall while driving.
  3. You need to be prepared for sudden writing inspirations. This is why you should always carry a moleskin notebook in your purse. Write down any story or blog idea that hits you at odd times.
  4. If you cannot escape your writer’s block, leave that particular task and move on to another one. If this isn’t helping as well, then go out for a walk or watch some movie. Also, use this time to freshen up your mind.
  5. If you have some free time, ditch your cell phone, and pick up some interesting material to read. Such material will help your brain get new ideas for your writing activity.
  6. If you have written something interesting, email it to your Kindle. Whenever you get stuck in traffic or are in the waiting room, turn on your Kindle and start re-reading your work. Utilize this time to highlight parts you want to
  7. Don’t feel like cooking? Use this time to catch up on your writing. You can always order takeaways or satisfy your hunger by driving to your favorite food spot.
  8. Take some time away from your usual responsibilities. Reserve an entire day for yourself and use this time to go to library, park or a coffee shop. The serene and calm environment will jog your creative side of the brain.
  9. Apply Pomodoro technique to your writing tasks. Simply, set up a time for about 20-25 minutes and start writing. Do not put your pen down until or unless timer goes off. When your time is up, set another 10-15 minutes for doing chores around the house. After your time is up, repeat this process all over again.
  10. And lastly, reserve a good 10 to 15 minutes for your writing before heading to bed. If these tips don’t work, PapersHelm can help!

The inspiration for writing doesn’t always come so easily. Some people need a push to get ideas flowing, and this is exactly what this list is for. So try to implement a few tips into your routine to get much-needed inspiration easily!

Let writing inspiration come to you without pulling out your hair by following tips mentioned in this blog! Visit PapersHelm for help!


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