7 Best Jobs for College Students

Finding job can be tough for you as a busy college student. You may struggle to get your hands on extra cash while studying to either pay off the debt, taken from a friend or a relative or manage your college expenses.

PapersHelm understands the struggle, so we have come up with the following job suggestions for you.  These suggestions will help you grab better opportunities.

Book Shop Customer Service

Several bookstores look for customer service personnel to handle their customers. Bookstores are easy to locate in the local markets and near the campuses. Working in these bookstores is not just economical for you but also comfortable. Many bookstores offer course books at discounted prices to the students working with them, so it can be beneficial to secure a job at such places.

Boutique Sales Associate

The fashion fanatics have a good opportunity to stay close to their passion. Boutique jobs are perfect for the young and stylish students. By working in a boutique, you can save the cost of accessories and clothes, as the boutiques offer low rates to their employees. Also, you will get some experience to decorate your CV by working for a well-known boutique.


Time to leverage your photography skills and earn some bucks! The local photographers in your vicinity might be looking for your assistance. As most of the events begin at night, this job might be good for such college students who prefer to work at night. With time, you can always start your own photography business.


For this job, you only have to get some training. To acquire training, you can work as a volunteer for the school and promote, let’s say, water safety. Besides, such jobs can increase your odds of acceptance in a dream college if you add this experience in your application.

Food Shop Sales Assistant

If food appeals to you, then this job is for you. Initially, you might have to settle for less salary, but the place and environment can be fun to work in. You can easily find a gourmet shop in your nearby market. The job is not only interesting but also gives you the opportunity to learn customer handling.

Restaurant Job

Working at a restaurant can be beneficial for two reasons: great customer dealing experience, and good salary packages. When it comes to the restaurant, there are different departments to work in such. You can’t work as a chef as you require training or suitable certificates. But you can always work as a cleaning staff or a waiter.

Catering Staff

Catering job is a flexible one and offers decent pay. For this job, you must have some previous relevant experience. But it will be all worth it as this job offers an escape from the trivial routine. As catering services are event-bound, you might get time flexibility as well, which can be a good option for you as a student.

With this, we conclude this list. All of the listed jobs will provide you with a chance to gain experience before you officially begin your career. Also, if you would like to explore some other options, then you can ask your friends or teachers for help.


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