How to Write a Research Paper

Many college and university students find it hard to compile a research paper. Often, research papers are accompanied by anxiety and fear. It happens because students lack experience in this genre of writing. Usually, the standard length of a research paper is around ten pages. However, nature of the research and the intended audience can greatly influence expected length.

Writing a research paper is not a difficult task. It only needs some concentration and understanding of the steps. If you want to write a research paper but don’t know how to do it, then this blog is for you. PapersHelm reviews some interesting tips to ease the research process down. Have a look at them!

Choosing a Topic

A topic plays a significant role as it provides you with a sense of direction. When it comes to shorter research papers, choosing a topic can be a daunting task. You’ll have to pick a topic that is limited in scope. Avoid topics that are too vague or expanded into various branches. This is because a narrow topic will save the time for researching. As a result, you will spend less time in writing.

Identifying Headings and Subheadings

Begin by brainstorming all headings you can think of. Then write them down on a page. As you scroll down, you will find a complete list of various suggestions for headings. If your paper has limited pages, you’ll have to research and scrutinize every heading or subheading. This way you can identify the points that will help in simplifying your topic.

Paying Attention to Language

Language is vital to the success of your research paper. If it is too difficult to understand, your evaluator will not score it well. If the vocabulary is too childish, your professor will grade it poorly. So keep it simple. We advise a balance between subtle and easy words. Also, use specific terms. For instance, use ‘testifying’ instead of ‘making it clear.’

When it comes to language, you should opt for a middle path. Record your research by using a combination of specific terminologies and simplified terms. Your goal is to keep your research paper simple for easy understanding of target audience.

Performing Research

Regardless of length, you cannot write a research paper without performing any research. So after selecting a topic and finalizing headings, perform research. Then gather data and record all information for your paper’s first draft. Separate your research into different parts. This will ease up the process. If you attempt to complete research in one go, it will be wastage of time.

Completing First Draft

Perform all these steps correctly, and you won’t have any problem completing your first draft. After you are done with it, go over the manuscript. Later edit out all irrelevant information that is not adding anything new to your topic. This will give a complete look to your draft and provide a ground to refine it further.

Proofreading Final Draft

After editing, you are ready for the final draft. Prepare your final draft and ensure that length hasn’t gone over five pages. You can proofread it by yourself or have someone else do it for you. By the end of this final step, you will have a well-researched & well-constructed research paper. Re-read your paper and perform a spell check.

So now that you know how to write your research paper, it won’t be an issue for you. Make sure that your paper is comprehensive, concise, and clear from the start until the end. Just make up your mind and gather the relevant data. Enjoy your research task and take it as a challenge. We hope that you get success.


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