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9 Informative Educational Links for High School Students

Students always welcome internet help. High school students need help in the most precise form. They have so many questions and complex issues when it comes to studies. High school students need more than just teacher’s lecture. They always seek easy ways to complete their assignments. And for this, they need guidance from every possible source.

PapersHelm understands this quandary. We have searched some special sites for you that will help in your studies. These sites are easy to use by the school-goers and students of a higher level.

Check out the platforms that PapersHelm reviews for an interesting learning experience.

Google Arts and Culture

This site hosts cultural content from more than 1200 known archives & museums in the world. These institutes work together with Google Cultural Institute. They bring all the known artifacts and ancient relics to the online user.

PBS Learning Media for Students

Teachers and instructors from around the world manage this website. Here students of every age group share their learning experiences. Their experiences relate to the modern course-related material.

Smithsonian Education Students

This site provides instructive help and resources to the students. Students can also look for shared activities, field trips, and lesson plans. These rely on the research of Smithsonian museum.


This site has a collection of premium quality STEM material. Both students and teachers use this site. The library archive of this site holds more than 5000 science and mathematics resources for classes.

The Library of Congress

Library of Congress is the biggest library in the world. It has a collection of manuscripts and maps, newspapers, photographs, recordings, and books. The library serves as a hub of enduring, diverse, and rich knowledge.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a platform made for science students. Students can learn through in-depth articles, exercises, and videos. Khan academy specializes in biology, chemistry, physics, linear algebra, calculus, etc.

Read Write Think

This site is a big platform for students and teachers. Especially for teachers, there are many sources and material helpful for classrooms. The material includes lesson plans and printable and interactive content.


As the name suggests, EdX proposes online courses for free. The courses are from top campuses around the world. The courses are offered by schools like Tsinghua, Berkeley, UC, MIT, and Harvard. These courses cover many topics like statistics, nutrition, psychology, history, engineering, etc.


It is more like a math game. This game adapts Common Core Math in a fantastic way. The game takes learning to another level. When a student plays the game, it highlights his or her mistakes. The teachers can then analyze the mistakes through a set of tools.

You must check out these websites for good grades and better assessment. Students can get the best out of their efforts if they take help from these sites. PapersHelm reviews these sites for student betterment and to make their learning easy.





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