7 Ways to Avoid Prepositional Phrases in Writing

Prepositional phrases in writing are the reason behind the long and wordy content. For improving your writing style and getting rid of the wordiness, such phrases should be avoided. Some tips can be followed to avoid these phrases. With the elimination of prepositional phrases, the word count of your writing can be reduced.

PapersHelm reviews a list of techniques that you can follow for eliminating these phrases in your writing.

Using Active Voice

One way to get rid off the prepositional phrases is by shifting from a passive voice to an active voice. When you apply this technique, you should ensure that shift in voice doesn’t result in dramatic effect or emphasis.

Adverb Substitution

When we talk about the tools of writing, adverbs are thought to be preferable than prepositional phrases. By deleting weak prepositions and replacing them with strong adverbs, you can improve the quality of writing.

Making Use of Genitive

By searching for a possessive form or a genitive case, a number of prepositions can be reduced. If the sentence has a capacity of using a genitive case and it does not, it can be revised for improvement. One way of using this technique would be the revision of phrase including location within a location such that it is made more active. An example would be using Kim’s house instead of writing house of Kim.

Eliminating Nominalizations

For conciseness and clarity, writers commonly use nominalizations. These nominalizations are also known as smothered or buried verbs. The need for prepositions is eliminated if we avoid normalization. For instance:

I am taking grammar rules into consideration while writing (9 words)

I consider grammar rules while writing (6 words)

You can see that we require fewer prepositions in the second sentence by eliminating normalization.

Deleting Prepositional Phrases

It is possible that prepositional phrase in which there is noun+ article+ preposition is not necessary. So, for eliminating the prepositional phrases, the entire phrases can be deleted from a text. You can strike out a prepositional phrase of a sentence if the sentence can make sense even without it.

Using Stronger Verbs

Stronger verbs can be simply used for replacing the prepositional phrases. This is another technique for improving your writing by avoiding the prepositional phrases. You should be watching out for “make” and “get” in your sentences while using this technique.

Embracing wh-clauses

For building more succinct and stronger clauses, make use of wh-question words. This technique can be used while dealing with the words like “saying” such as argue, admit, say, ask, explain, suggest, mention, or agree. Also, it can be applied to activities like deciding, thinking, and studying.

These tips will help you edit your writing and remove the prepositional phrases for a better flow. The experts of PapersHelm highly recommend that you start using these tips right away to witness an improvement in your writing style. For more helpful tips about academic writing, keep visiting PapersHelm!



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