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How to Write a Good Topic Sentence for Your Assignment

The topic sentence is very important since it leads the readers to the point which the writer is trying to make. The topic sentence comes at the start of the paragraph. Perfecting the skill of writing a good topic sentence is an essential part of any type of writing. PapersHelm reviews some ways to help you perfect this skill through following steps:

State the Main Idea Clearly

Since the topic sentence is the starting sentence of the paragraph, so the main idea should be stated clearly. Simple words should be chosen to avoid ambiguity. Your topic and the opinion or the controlling idea must be included in the topic sentence. Moreover, it should be kept in mind that topic sentence is not the invitation to just announce the topic. You must state your intentions clearly without describing them explicitly.

Balance Your Topic Sentence Between General and Specific Ideas

It is important to relate your paragraph to the main statement through a topic sentence. But topic sentence should strike a balance between narrow and broad ideas. Try to avoid the vague or general idea which would not be discussed in the single paragraph. Similarly, do not describe a too narrow idea which cannot be discussed much.

Hook the Reader

One of the most important rules of the topic sentence is to draw the attention of the reader. Try to bring up the questions in the minds of the readers which you are trying to answer. The effective way of doing this is to phrase your topic sentence creatively.It should be able to evoke the reader to think about your topic.

Keep it Simple and Short

It is necessary to keep the topic sentence short and simple. It should put forward the intention of the writer without forcing the readers to find it. Keeping the topic sentence simple and short helps the writer to keep his/her intention clear. Your topic sentence needs to acts as the middle ground in the paragraph. Keeping the topic sentence short helps maintain the flow of the paragraph.

Give a Reasonable Opinion

It is important that the body of the paragraph should be able to back the topic sentence. Therefore, it is important that the topic sentence must state something which you are going to support through concrete evidence. You can also state your opinion in the topic sentence. But, avoid describing only facts in the topic sentence.

Use Topic Sentence As a Transition

Topic sentence works as the transition which helps in guiding the reader through the main argument. The use of transitional elements like “In contrast” or “In addition” is an effective way to show a relationship between main ideas. We hope these tips will help you create strong topic sentences in future.


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