Most Obvious Grammar Mistakes You Should Avoid

How many academic documents do you write in a week? Think of all the essays, reports and casual plans you write and submit to your professor. Are these documents free of grammatical errors? Sadly, no.  It is increasingly common to read texts riddled with spelling and/or grammatical errors.

Luckily, PapersHelm helps you overcome these grammatical bloopers. You can go through some of most obvious grammatical errors to take the first step towards omitting them altogether. PapersHelm reviews ways to avoid common grammatical errors so that you don’t make careless writing mistakes in college.

Comma Between Subject and Predicate

Regardless of the type of document you are writing, you must never put a comma between the subject and the predicate of a sentence. This error tends to mark, in some cases, a spoken pause, but it is necessary to remember that the punctuation marks do not correspond to the pauses that take place in the oral discourse.

Incorrect Use of Pronouns

Most students use pronouns incorrectly as they can’t determine if it’s used as a subject or an object.  An example is the use of the phrase “In itself”. However, it is important to remember that this phrase must vary according to the person to whom it refers, as the examples show:

“She is stretched by herself”

Improper Use of Adverbs

Adverbs are originally used to modify verbs but they often don’t fulfill the purpose because of incorrect use. For instance, it is very common to see this phrase “At-level of”. As for the expression “at the level of”, which is incorrect, we should say “at the level of”. This “at-level” utterance is only valid as long as “level” in some way retains the notion of “height” to refer to the height of something. For example: “They were back at street level”.

Incomplete Comparisons

A comparison always needs a reference to make the reader understand the difference. Unfortunately, students fail to understand and go ahead with incomplete comparisons. Try to find out what’s wrong with this sentence:

The book is deeper, better and purer

A random reader can fail to understand the meaning if the proper comparison is not made. A book is deeper, better and purer than what? Another book or eulogy, who knows. Avoid writing incomplete comparisons.

These are just some grammatical errors that we have chosen this week. We plan to share some other technical errors that students often make. If you wish to refine your essay writing style and avoid these errors, then keep visiting PapersHelm.


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