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Top Universities for Business Degree (Hint: They Offer Online Courses)

Whether acquired through regular studies or through online portals, degrees are supposed to be earned from certified institutes.  In today’s modern world, getting an online degree is like jumping on the bandwagon. This is because students are looking for short and cheaper ways of getting an education.

Flexible schedule can help reduce stress and invest time in other important tasks. PapersHelm reviews a list of top ten colleges offering quality online business degrees. You should explore this list without further ado if you are a fan of online learning opportunities!

New York University (NYU)

NYU is one of the best university in fields of business and management. Accounts and finance are among top subjects to study here. NYU provides many graduate-level courses and certificates to study online. Management Systems (MS) and Human Resources Management (HRM) are top business programs offered here.

The University of California, Berkeley (UCB)

UCB is one of the top universities offering a separate division for online education. It’s Berkeley Resource Center for Online Education (BRCOE). BRCOE provides MS degree with learning programs and professional certificates. Business subjects such as marketing, financial management and macroeconomics are their top offers.

University of Michigan (UM)

This varsity is one of the top organizations in business subjects. Ann Arbor remains its top campus for business studies. It offers business administration (BBA) and accounting (MSA) online degrees. PapersHelm recommends it for students interested in qualitative research.

Carnegie Mellon University (CMU)

It is among top 100 university for accounting and business degrees. It has a great online program in multiple formats: part-time, full-time, and dual degrees. PapersHelm reviews it as one of best colleges for advanced degrees like Masters in Computational Finance.

Boston University (BU)

This college provides a platform for students worldwide. Their best business programs are related to accounts and finance. Different undergraduate courses and doctoral programs are currently being offered. In addition, the college offers professional certificates in business subjects. So, do not miss this opportunity to expand your knowledge.

University of Southern California (USC)

USC is among top 100 colleges for business, accounting, and economics. The college created USC Online platform where it offers different programs. Some business study programs offered are Masters in Global Supply Chain Management by Marshall School of Business.

The University of Manchester

This is a top-ranked college in the world. It offers different Ph.D. distant learning programs. Programs include MS in Human Resource Development, MS in Management and Information Systems and Global MBA. It enjoys high ranking for its accounting and business programs. This is a well-reputed business college so do check it out.

University of Birmingham

This is one of the top colleges located in the UK. It holds a spot in top 150 institutes in areas of business, accounting, and economics. Their online program is evolving, but online MBA and MSc in international business are available.

University of Minnesota


This college launched a digital campus that offers different online degree programs. It is ranked within top 100 for business and accounting subjects. The college offers a degree in accounting, marketing, and international business. It offers professional certificates in applied business as well. PapersHelm recommends this college for studying international business.

University of Liverpool

This college bids 36 online degrees from various departments. Major programs include MS management and business administration. Ph.D. in BA is offered online as well.

PapersHelm reviews ten online business degrees for students to study at home. PapersHelm suggests students to carefully select online certifications as many of available portals are not reliable.  If you still can’t figure out which university suits you for online learning, feel free to visit for help.


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