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10 Steps of Writing a Compelling Lab Report

To analyze and describe a lab experiment and relevant scientific concepts, students write lab reports. Lab reports are used to serve various purposes. They help in exploring theoretical and scientific explanation of experiment. Lab reports help in replicating study from various aspects. Lab reports assist in reviewing info linked to the hypothesis.

However loads of students strive to write an organized lab report. We understand issue faced by students. Therefore PapersHelm reviews ten steps towards writing a good lab report.

Title Page /Title

Though not all lab reports require a title, it is always better to include a title page. A title page contains the name of your experiment. Other elements include the name of the student and any lab partners, instructor’s name, and date of experiment’s submission.

PapersHelm suggests the use of a title page as it makes the report look more organized. The title should exactly say what your report is about. It should be brief and indicate the main point of the experiment. Avoid use of articles; instead, use keywords.

Introduction and Purpose of Report

An integral part of the lab report is an introduction. The introduction is usually one paragraph long and discusses aims and purpose of the lab. Write a hypothesis in one sentence. Some background information may also be included. Findings and conclusion should be discussed briefly. Even if all of the information is not included, stating the purpose of the experiment is very important. This is because purpose can help the teacher understand the real-world use of experiment.

List of Materials

According to PapersHelm, you need to have a complete grasp of materials needed to complete the experiment. Write all the information in clear and concise sentences. Be sure to include all materials used in the experiment so others can verify claims you make in the report. You can get information on materials from your textbook, teacher, or online sources. Make sure to verify the list of materials before handing in the report.


The steps used to conduct experiments should be completed during the investigation process. It is important to provide details in this section so that everything can be easily understood. This will also help explain experiment to someone more easily. Add a diagram of the experimental setup to make the report more interesting and creative.

Collect Data

The numerical data obtained from the process is usually presented in a table. This data includes information you recorded during the experiment. It includes both facts and a discussion of results. This information can provide more strength to report and also make your teacher happy with the extra effort.

Write Results

The results are also an important part of the report. In this section, you should explain what stats mean, which variables are used, and how calculations are done. Explain problems you encountered in conducting an experiment. This will not affect your grades because the teacher would prefer to know about them.

Discussion/ Analysis

While data section includes numbers; analysis section has calculations of those numbers. This is where data interpretation is required to prove or disprove the hypothesis. This section can include discussion of errors and measures that can be taken to improve future results.


The conclusion is usually a paragraph that wraps up everything you did in the experimentation. This may include your personal learning experience and future recommendations.

  1. Figures and Graphs

    Any figure or graph you use in the report must be labeled with a good title. Units of measurement and graph axis must be written as well. Use proper number format for figures.

    Add References

    References should be included if you are using someone else’s work as the basis for your experiment. Cite properly to avoid plagiarism.

    Lab reports are not that difficult to compose. PapersHelm reviews these steps so that you can follow these tips to make an excellent report. PapersHelm suggests you keep your lab report simple and take the assistance of teachers.


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