Creative Writing Techniques for Quality Essays

The art of creative writing is useful when composing essays. A well-written essay comprises of arguments and facts but that does not mean creativity should be ignored. Adding innovative ideas in an essay can impress your teacher since it gives off the impression of being more original and brilliant. To make this more understandable, PapersHelm reviews ten creative writing techniques for you to produce quality essays.

  1. Engage the reader

Essays are usually written for teachers or lecturers so you need to ensure that they remain interested in your essay. As they set the question, they know what to expect and reading many responses to the same question may sound monotonous. Being creative means you have to hold your reader’s interests, so brush up on your writing style to keep them engaged.

  1. Start with a bang

Your beginning of the essay should be attention-grabbing. Use a bold phrase, a quote, or a personal experience to grab audience’s attention. Your opening should urge the reader to continue reading.

  1. Go with the three-act structure

Creativity in writing can be enhanced by using three acts: the setup, the confrontation, and the resolution. The ‘set-up’ helps set main characters and their relationships for the rest of the story. This is similar to main essay argument. The ‘confrontation’ involves dealing with the turning point of the story. This is similar to the introduction. The ‘resolution’ is the story’s climax where the problem is overcome or solved. This equals the conclusion of the story.

  1. Try to use metaphors

Metaphors can be an attractive option in all forms of writing. PapersHelm recommends you to use analogies to allow readers to understand a concept more deeply. A reader should be able to visualize your writing.

  1. Detailing

To keep readers absorbed in your essay, you need to provide details about the location and settings, like that in creative writing. Solely focusing on the academic aspects can be quite boring. Adding some details in English Literature and Historical essays can be especially useful in rousing people’s emotions.

  1. Always edit

Writing a quality essay is possible only when you proofread and learn to edit your essay properly. Once you write a draft, read it again to make sure it makes sense. Grammarly is one of the best proofreading tools that cleanses the writing of all the grammatical mistakes.

  1. Note down your ideas

We may have many ideas at one time and go blank the next second. PapersHelm reviews the notion of recording or noting down ideas at once. Keep a separate diary or a voice recorder with you at all times to help remember details later on.

  1. Know your essay type

It is important for you to know what kind of creative essay you are going to write. Narrative, personal, descriptive, admission, Americanism, lyric and reflection are some types of creative essays. Learn more here.


  1. Aim for uniqueness

Try an unusual angle to approach your essay. This may include studying previous texts or consulting your teacher to come up with new ideas that will set your essay apart from everyone else’s.

  1. Be organized

Your essay should be well organized to ensure coherency. Your ideas should flow from one paragraph to another seamlessly. This will ensure good style of writing and reader can follow easily.














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