10 Tools Everyone in the College Should Be Using

Do you struggle to finish your assignments on time, or are just tired of managing every aspect of your college life? If your answer is yes, then this is the right place for you. College life comes with its own set of challenges. There is always more to do in less time, and this can be really frustrating. PapersHelm reviews ten tools that can make college life much easier for you.


It is easy to get behind schedule when studying. Evernote is a very useful app to sync all your notes and research on one platform. You can access and share your files from anywhere at any time. If you want more order in your life in general, get this app.


This app is a treat for people who want to learn with visual aids. It contains multiple tools like mind maps, flashcards and platform for taking notes. The app offers collaboration, tracking tools and quizzes as well.


This is a very useful site with various free tools. People can create sets for almost all subjects and the website, in turn, generates quizzes, flashcards and matching games.  Practice tests and audio tools are available as well. This free app can be used both online and offline.


If you are struggling to write, then this is the right app for you. This tool helps point out grammatical errors and suggests various ways to make writing easier and simpler. PapersHelm considers this app worthwhile to improve your score in college to a great extent.


Marinara Timer

This is a great app to increase efficacy during work. The app follows Pomodoro method where a person works for 25 minutes then takes a 5 minutes break. A person can take a break every 15 minutes after an hour. The tool also allows users to make a custom timer.

MyScript Smart Note

For those who prefer to write rather than type, this app can be very useful.  The only limitation is its speed, which is why PapersHelm reviews note-taking apps and recommends students to use this one in informal settings rather than a classroom.


This tool is great for creating mind maps for almost anything. Just add the main theme as nodes and the rest of the information as sub-nodes. The tool assists in keeping track of your tasks and those of your teammates as well.

Blinkist – Book Summaries

Whether you are in school or college, you will have to consult or read many books on a regular basis. With Blinkist, you can get 15-minute summaries for non-fiction books. This will help you to assess whether the book is the right one for you or not.

Dragon Dictation

This is a great app to rest your poor fingers. All you have to do is talk into the app and the audio will be converted to text. You can paste or share this text with anyone via email or a text message. The app is only available on iOS.


Cite This for Me

No academic paper is complete without proper citation. This is the perfect tool to automatically generate citations in APA, MLA, Harvard and Chicago referencing styles. You can even enter information manually and the app will generate a citation accordingly.

College can make or break you so make sure you have all the right tools at hand to help you cope with the stress of college life.


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