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PapersHelm Reviews Ways to Use Emojis for English Learning

Fun learning is always the most chosen style of learning. The addition of online trends is something that makes learning more enjoyable. One such trend is the use of Emojis.  Emojis are usually used to express feelings and add emotions to bland messages. However, there are other meaningful ways in which this trend can be used. PapersHelm reviews various uses of Emojis in the classroom.

There are a total of over 2000 Emojis circulating on the internet. Having this much choice can be confusing, so it is better to select 20-30 main Emojis for activities. You can either,

  • Show the Emojis on SmartBoard
  • Print and cut the shapes out
  • Print the Emojis with their names on handouts
  • Purchase a deck of Emoji themed cards

Now how to use them in the class?

Conduct an Emojis Survey

Coin a questionnaire survey in the classroom, with interesting Emoji-related questions. You can ask a variety of questions in the survey like,

  • Name of the Emoji you dislike the most?
  • Which Emoji is your most favorite?
  • Name 3 Emojis you use often? Etc.

Once the other students have completed the survey, you can compile the data and create a graph based on it.  The experts of PapersHelm highly encourage fun learning.

Play Dumb Charades for Language Enhancement

From the selected 20 – 30 Emojis, select 1 and without speaking try to make the other understand. The other students will have to guess the name of the Emoji, only by looking at the expressions and hand movements of the player. The rules of dumb charades apply to the Emojis expression as well.

Describe a Chain Story

It works as usual. One student has to start the story with a word and the others keep adding to it. In this case, only the words have to circulate around some specific Emoji.  To make it more fun, hand out Emoji cards, with their faces down, to every player. When the turn comes, the player must face the card and use the very Emoji in the story.

Interpret the Emoji Videos

There are some YouTube channels like ‘As Told By Emoji’ and movies about the Emojis. Ask each player to watch the videos and explain them in front of the class afterward. Another way is to make them watch the videos in groups and then explain it.

Take Online Bitmoji Lessons

Bitmoji is a software game that allows you to make your own avatar, with the help of given specifications. Bitmoji has a benefit over the regular Emojis and that is a catch phrase or slang, describing the current state you are in. Bitmojis can be a brilliant source to enhance your vocabulary.

Scribble Emoji Translation

If you are struggling with narrative tenses, then PapersHelm suggests you get over it with an Emoji story. An Emoji story is composed of Emojis only. Your work will be to translate it into real English. You can also use the Emojis to write your own stories.

Hence, Emojis are a great way to learn while having fun. PapersHelm reviews an amazing means to enhance your English language and improve your vocabulary. Try these and let PapersHelm know your feedback.









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