Top 6 TV Shows for Improved English Vocabulary

We have emphasized over this flexion again and again that the media can help you in being a fluent English speaker. Songs, videos, and movies can have a positive impact on your language skills. There are a number of TV shows and movies that are serving this job perfectly. While watching and getting entertained, people can learn a lot more from these TV shows than mere characters and their stories.

PapersHelm reviews some known TV shows today on the basis of their quirky, awesome and effective vocabulary. Check them out.

The Big Bang Theory

Premiered in 2007 on CBC channel, it is a scientific and comedy based show. The characters are science geeks who, together, create a science-infused environment with humor, using enhanced language. Learning is quite fun when it is mixed with jokes and entertainment and The Big Bang theory fulfills all these requirements.

You can always learn new math and science terms from this show. Some insane words used in the show are ‘gedankenexperiment’ which is ‘thought experiment’ in German and ‘topological insulators’ meaning ‘a material serving both as a conductor and insulator’. The main character Sheldon often talks about language aside from math and science.

Gilmore Girls+

The characters in this show are quite high spirited. The girls carry a quirky and small-town charm in the dialogues which is unavoidable. The dialogues are written with much smartness and one can never miss the made-up catchphrases. One can always have cool ideas for inventing puns and new words after watching this show. PapersHelm reviews that some of the curious statements you can expect in the show are, “Relationships need verbs” and “Life’s short. Talk fast.”


‘Glee’ is the most popular show of all times. The reasons behind its popularity are various including its song covers with alluring settings and variation of dance moves. However, it was not only the dance moves and groovy songs that impressed the audience. The sparky and flared up dialogues by certain characters that sounded out of the ordinary also served the basis of its fame.

Mad Men

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, this series had everything you could imagine, from betrayals to overwhelming fashion, in a period drama. But one can never get over the empowering language used in the show. The character of Don Draper had a knack of correcting grammatical mistakes that other characters made. PapersHelm reviews that he is seen correcting even the kids on the show and we certainly don’t dislike his correctional behavior.


This show is based on medical cases and the life of a doctor named House. But apart from providing medical assistance, he feeds our minds with the alluring medical register. With his extraordinary ability of treatment, he has taught the audience about certain medical ailments and lingo. Some examples include hemodynamically stable, medical proxy, false positive, euthanasia, and zebra among others.

The Vampire Diaries

Whether it was the usually brooding Stephan or dominating Demon, vampire diaries had the audience captivated for its whole tenure of 8 years. The show was not a favorite only because of the blood-smeared, action-packed, unforgettable storyline but also because of the dark humor and stinging jabs by the antagonist turned protagonist, Damon Salvatore.

His unusual, cold yet humorous dialogues held the audience glued to their screen all these years. Sure enough, there are a lot of puns and sarcastic remarks that one can borrow from him.

PapersHelm reviews that watching the characters on TV is certainly motivating for English language learner. Do let us know which TV show supplemented your vocabulary?





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