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Which One Is Suitable For You, IELTS or TOEFL?

We have seen many students struggle to decide which International English test, IELTS or TOEFL is best suited to fulfill their needs. Both the tests are mandatory for students aiming to study in English universities. However, you have to take either one of the two tests depending on your geographical destination. Check out some general differences between the two tests and PapersHelm reviews for more insights.

Preferences Based on Geographical Differences

It is obvious you have to score better in both tests. However, most American, North American, and Canadian universities prefer TOEFL to test students’ abilities. The test helps examine the communication skills of the students in an English-speaking country. If you are applying to any US-based university then TOEFL should be your preference.

On the other hand, IELTS is preferred in the UK. The scoring strategy is based on band scores between 0 and 9 where a 6.5 is considered a decent score. This test helps you prepare for both the academic and the professional world in a foreign nation. Hence, universities in the UK prefer IELTS.

The Purpose Of the Test

Whether going to the USA or the UK, taking IELTS of TOEFL depends upon the nature of your purpose there. If you are applying for a work or visit visa in the UK then general IELTS is the right choice. If you wish to study then academic IELTS is required. Compared to TOEFL, IELTS offers a more practical approach and offers greater opportunities to settle abroad.

In the USA, TOEFL serves the purpose of testing academic skills based on textbook passages and lectures. Additionally, the nature of the test revolves around class, campus related conversations and student issues. Read PapersHelm for more info.

What is Your Comfort Level?

If you are lucky to have given a choice by your employer or college, then you can go the easier route. In this case, you don’t have to worry about the criteria and requirements. However, the ease of the tests depends on your comfort level.

A tip for potential test-takers is that IELTS preparation requires certain tricks while the preparation of TOEFL demands a lot of practice. You can register for IETLS at British Council’s official website by specifying your country. For TOEFL, you have to visit the ETS website.  Keep reading

PapersHelm reviews for further updates.

It is important that students understand the major differences between these two tests. Both of these tests are applicable up to 2 years, starting from the date the test is given. Preparing for both of these tests requires patience and determination. There are no downsides to taking either of these tests. In fact, they will only add to your knowledge. So buck up, and decide which test best suits your future plans and start preparing today.



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