9 Mistakes that Students Make During Exams

Exams bring a lot of stress and nervousness for students. Even those who are well prepared for exams experience this fear of losing marks. Most of the students don’t even know why and where they lose their marks.

The fear before the exam leads to many mistakes that students make which are listed below.  This fear is the reason why you often go blank despite preparing well. It is the biggest factor that gives rise to the following factors. Today PapersHelm reviews 9 most common mistakes that students make as they attempt their exam.


Making grammatical errors is the most intense form of writing mistakes, which does not go unnoticed. Take care of punctuations, spellings, and tenses to avoid mistakes. Sometimes teeny tiny mistakes become the reason for major deduction of marks. This may put a question mark on your skills and capabilities.


Carelessness may lead to disappointment not only in the exams but in conventional routine too. Paying limited attention to questions and not reviewing paper prior to submission falls under the category of carelessness. Furthermore, your mismanagement of time and ignorance may point towards a lack of attention, thus ruining your academic career.


Poor planning is also a reason behind many mistakes that you make during examinations. Before taking the exam you should give yourself at least 10 minutes to read the instructions carefully.  Go through all questions with sheer attention. Decide which questions you can attempt first easily and leave tough ones for later.


You should understand the concept and then write it down in your own words. Most students merely cram their teacher’s notes.  Misinterpreting questions and quoting concepts wrongly can change the whole context of the answer. PapersHelm reviews that students often lose marks because they overlook tricky part of questions.


Relying too much on notes given by your teachers can increase your dependency on sources like books or the internet. This dependency kills your creativity. Students are, thus, not able to answer creative and complex questions that appear in exams. Try to work on such weak areas where your memory can baffle you easily.


Answering difficult questions often take much time and other easy parts of paper remain unattended. Time management is very important in exams. Don’t waste your time attempting questions you don’t know the answers of.  So PapersHelm advises you to attempt easy parts first.


PapersHelm reviews that reading instructions carefully and then following them can be very helpful especially during exams.  Mostly students oversee instructions only realizing later that answers they wrote are not according to requirement. Therefore, follow the instructions given in the test carefully.


Most of the mistakes made by students are so minor it becomes obvious that students have not rechecked paper. You should examine everything written in the paper very carefully. You can read run-up sentences to yourself because it helps in pointing out errors in sentence structure.

Word Count

Most students are concerned about numbers of words rather than quality. Filling 7 to 8 lines with no relevant content can make you lose your marks and time. Try to give short and accurate answers and don’t beat about the bush. This suggestion comes handy when it comes to writing an essay in exams.

PapersHelm reviews numerous topics that students need to know. Students need to pay attention for these common mistakes as they attempt their exams. Keen attention to preparation and careful analysis of the exam paper will help in eliminating these errors.


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