5 Ways for Getting Writing Inspiration

Out of great ideas to write on? You are not alone in this misery. It can happen to anyone and is particularly worrisome for writers hell-bent on meeting deadlines. But, understand that even the best-laid plans fail. So, what can you do to get out of this funk?

Well, for starters no banging your head against books. That is more likely to give you a headache than inspiration. What you can do, is continue reading this blog to know 5 great ways identified by the experts at PapersHelm, to inspire writing.

1.Watch Television

You may find this shocking given the fact that watching too much TV is not healthy. But, if you want to start writing, watch some of your favorite shows. Give attention to the plot, dialogue, and techniques of story-telling.

Notice how great writing makes a TV character like Dr. Gregory House from House M.D. sound so intelligent, or those like Dexter Morgan from Dexter, so complex. You can turn a leisure activity like watching TV into a creative process to help stimulate your writing.

2. Let Go of Fear

We are most inspired and creative as children because we do not fear other people’s opinions. As adults, we wait for inspiration to hit us. We let fear rule us and block inspirational ideas.

We at PapersHelm have an advice for you: “Please, get over yourselves.” The universe does not care about us failing to write great words.  Only your opinion about your writing should count if you wish to make it as a writer. So, don’t let fear hold you prisoner in your thoughts and write away!

3. Habit Formation is the Key

As human beings, we get inspiration from goals because we want to reach the end, but to reach that end we need to develop a habit. Habits allow us to remain inspired by the process of creating something new to reach our goals.

If you want to write well, then develop the habit of writing. Force yourself to wake up early in the morning every day, meditate, and do some freestyle writing to get in that ‘creative zone’. PapersHelm reviews that this is the only habit can help people write consistently and regularly, thus reaching their goals in time.

4. Get Down with Some Word Games

If nothing helps break through your writer’s block, turn to games like word associations. Just open a dictionary, select a word, and write down all associations and ideas that come to your mind. Ten minutes should do the trick. Or you could open a random page in the book and see what new idea hits you. Such games can help increase your vocabulary and trigger your imagination

5. Use Your Desperation for Some Inspiration

You may have a love for writing, but are stuck doing a dull, boring 9 to 5 job, that is sucking the creativity out of you. Are you desperate enough? Well, why not use your desperation as the fuel to fire up your imagination. Desperation will likely make you angry and create that intense desire to just start writing. That’s all you need – the desire to do something- to create meaning in your life and be great.

Writing requires a great deal of time, energy, and effort. Don’t expect to be blasted with new ideas every day, because that is not how inspiration works. Writers around the world have taken inspiration from mundane routines and small activities. If you want to be inspired, allow yourself to explore and learn from your mistakes and other people. You never know what life events or words said might strike your fancy.


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