Top 8 Search Engines for Asking Important Questions


Whether you are a student, a teacher, or a researcher, asking questions is the norm for you and expected of you. If you are eager to learn the best answers to your burning questions about math, science, or any other subject, then you are in for a treat.

In this blog, we discuss some popular online search engines you can use to add to your knowledge quickly and without fuss. You can use these search engines to complete your assignments, compare the answers you wrote with the answers online, and write the best response. Your grades will surely improve because of this activity. Keep reading PapersHelm reviews for more updates.

1.      Search Crystal

This visualization search engine can be used to search, compare, mix, and share results from top web images, blogs, videos, RSS feeds and Flickr images. You can embed it as a widget on your blog or site.  

2.      Wolfram Alpha

This is one of the top search engines for computing knowledge instantly. Enter any calculation or question and you will get your answer instantly. Keep reading PapersHelm reviews to learn how to use search engines for solving paradoxes.

3.      Spezify

This is another visual search engine that can display responses in multiple media formats such as photos, articles, definitions, and quotes that can be arranged in the form of a collage on the desktop.


4.      Ask

With a purposeful name, this search engine can be used to provide info from various sources of the web, such as news, images, maps, and videos. Whatever your questions may be “Ask” is the engine churning out perfect answers.

5.      Woopid

The name may be wonky, but this engine is most certainly not. Enjoy free video tutorials and answers to your questions from any of your devices at any time.  The engine gives you something to learn every time.  

6.      Ergo Research Skills

Step-by-step guide for managing research tasks properly to enable better research. It helps to find relevant data that can make your assignments stand out from the rest. PapersHelm will keep you in touch with all the latest info about academia.

7.      Teacher Training Videos

It’s not just students in need of some serious answers, teachers have a need too. This engine provides video tutorials on ways teachers can utilize tech in education. Students with interest in multimedia can also access learning videos on Flash and Photoshop.

8.      WhereIsNow

This engine helps find the latest versions of docs, catalogs, personal contacts, versions available, or regulations. This frees up a lot of your time and effort in surfing the web for new developments.

Search engines are aplenty, but these are some of the most useful ones for people in academia. Anyone who wants to save time, or lacks the patience to consult books should check out these search engines today. We ensure any questions you may have will be answered right away, just without the hassle of opening a book to find answers for every little problem.


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