Learn How to Overcome Stage Fright

Stage fright, commonly known as Performance Anxiety is a problem that millions of people around the world face every day. It is actually a phobia experienced by almost every other person. According to a survey, most of the people reported that they experience

  • Rapid Breathing
  • Racing Pulse
  • Dry mouth
  • Sweaty and cold hands
  • Stomach pains
  • Shivering of voice, hands, and legs

All these symptoms signify stage anxiety, but overcoming it is also not that difficult. Self-belief is the first step towards controlling stage fright.

No matter how talented or experienced you think you are; you will encounter stage anxiety at some point in your life. Even some of the top performers have had to face this fear.

Always remember you are not the only one facing stage anxiety, you will find a lot of real examples, once you start analyzing this phobia. The most popular among these examples is that of Barbra Streisand. In 1967, during a live performance, she forgot the lyrics and couldn’t continue her concert. She was so disturbed after the incident that it took her 27 years before she could perform live again.

One cannot run away from his fears, turning a blind eye towards is not going the resolve the problem for you. Accept your fears and start working towards overcoming them is the right way to go. You can try some of the following tricks to overcome stage fright.

Don’t Fight Anxiety, Deal with It

You will have to accept that this anxiety will stay at least for a few minutes. Your resistance can make the situation even worse.  Deal with it; try to drive your attention towards your performance rather than the anxiety.

Be Calm

As soon as you reach the stage, give yourself a few seconds to adjust to the environment. Look at your audience and observe the things around you. You will soon start feeling comfortable. Start gradually; face the audience instead of hastening your presentation to end quickly. This will make you look more confident and prepared. Always remember, it is your stage, and you are the one in control of everything.

Imagine the Worst-Case Scenario

Think about the worst case scenario; it is not a win or lose situation. If you perform well, you will be applauded but if you don’t know one is going to beat you to it. No one’s life is at stake so take it easy on yourself. Imagining the worst-case scenario will help you analyze the situation better.

Practice a lot; Practice Makes Perfect!

Sometimes your anxiety has nothing to do with how well prepared you are. Being well-prepared is good and helps, but it’s not very useful in diminishing stage fright. The best way to encounter stage fright is to practice. The best way is to stand in front of a mirror and be your own audience, practice as much as you can. It will help you in building confidence because “Practice makes the man perfect!”

Pretend to be Enthusiastic

One of the best ways to deal with stage fright is to convince yourself that your anxiety is actually excitement. This will give all the nervousness, a positive twist. This trick is considered the most favorable and effective way to calm an anxious person. If you try hard enough you can turn any unfavorable situation in your favor.

Dream of a Successful Result

According to a study, successful people think positively. They always have a powerful gut feeling about their victory and the gut never lies.  So, imagine good things and good things will start happening to you, picture everything positively. This will help you feel competent and motivated. You will be able to prepare your presentation with positive energy. It will bring back the peace of your mind and thus you will be better prepared and more confident about your presentation.

Meditate Every Day

Whether you have to present yourself on the stage or not, meditate every day. Take out at least 15-20 minutes out of your day for meditation. Find a quiet, peaceful place for this. Sit on the ground with folded legs and place your hands on the lap. Shut your eyes and breathe deeply. Stop thinking and just concentrate on your breathing. This helps you to focus.

Laugh More

 Watch something engaging or a humorous earlier that day. Watch one of your favorite funny YouTube videos, or just spend some time with the person who brings out the best in you. Laughing will reduce stress and make you feel relaxed. It also helps in driving away your anxiety.

Reach Before Time          

Try to reach earlier than others in the audience, for your presentation. This will help you make yourself comfortable with your surroundings, especially if the room fills up after your arrival. At least it is better than arriving late and then making your way to the stage through the crowd. Your early arrival will calm your mind; it will give you time to compose yourself. It will also make you realize that this is your stage and nothing can go wrong unless you allow it.

So, now you know some of the tactics that will help you to overcome stage fright. It’s time for you to create a presentation and invite your friends, family or class fellows over, carry out your presentation in front of them and face your fear. You can even seek help from PapersHelm for your presentation. Visit our website today and check PapersHelm Reviews.

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