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Utilizing Time: 10 Ways Writers can be Productive

Utilizing Time: 10 Ways Writers can be Productive

Writing without any sense of time is like driving a car without any sense of direction. Overwhelming deadlines make time management a crucial factor for writers. Moving on, some writers have time issues while others have so much time that they start making excuses to avoid this task altogether. In between these two categories, there exists a writer’s group that lacks a connection needed to bridge the ga ...
5 Effective Tips to Polish

5 Effective Tips to Polish Your Writing Skills

Most writers dream of achieving a comprehensive writing style. Hence, they spend hundreds of dollars on workshops or paid online manuals to polish their skills. They polish writing skills to point where the readers can easily understand their ideas. Being new to writing doesn’t necessarily mean that you should spend money on workshops to improve your skills. Rather, by paying attention to the use of syn ...
Perfect Writing Partner

How to Choose a Perfect Writing Partner

 Being in a writing partnership can do marvelous things for people involved in this companionship. Both writers have a chance to polish, enhance and complement each other’s shortcomings to bestow literary world with extraordinary pieces. But what if your writing partnerships fail to work? The differences in mood, timing, and conflicts of interest can all contribute towards a failed partnership. Hence, w ...