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9 Mistakes that Students Make During Exams

Exams bring a lot of stress and nervousness for students. Even those who are well prepared for exams experience this fear of losing marks. Most of the students don’t even know why and where they lose their marks. The fear before the exam leads to many mistakes that students make which are listed below.  This fear is the reason why you often go blank despite preparing well. It is the biggest factor that ...
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Which One Is Suitable For You, IELTS or TOEFL?

We have seen many students struggle to decide which International English test, IELTS or TOEFL is best suited to fulfill their needs. Both the tests are mandatory for students aiming to study in English universities. However, you have to take either one of the two tests depending on your geographical destination. Check out some general differences between the two tests and PapersHelm reviews for more in ...

Top 6 TV Shows for Improved English Vocabulary

We have emphasized over this flexion again and again that the media can help you in being a fluent English speaker. Songs, videos, and movies can have a positive impact on your language skills. There are a number of TV shows and movies that are serving this job perfectly. While watching and getting entertained, people can learn a lot more from these TV shows than mere characters and their stories. Paper ...