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Most Obvious Grammar Mistakes You Should Avoid

How many academic documents do you write in a week? Think of all the essays, reports and casual plans you write and submit to your professor. Are these documents free of grammatical errors? Sadly, no.  It is increasingly common to read texts riddled with spelling and/or grammatical errors. Luckily, PapersHelm helps you overcome these grammatical bloopers. You can go through some of most obvious grammati ...
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How to Write a Good Topic Sentence for Your Assignment

The topic sentence is very important since it leads the readers to the point which the writer is trying to make. The topic sentence comes at the start of the paragraph. Perfecting the skill of writing a good topic sentence is an essential part of any type of writing. PapersHelm reviews some ways to help you perfect this skill through following steps: State the Main Idea Clearly Since the topic sentence ...

7 Ways to Avoid Prepositional Phrases in Writing

Prepositional phrases in writing are the reason behind the long and wordy content. For improving your writing style and getting rid of the wordiness, such phrases should be avoided. Some tips can be followed to avoid these phrases. With the elimination of prepositional phrases, the word count of your writing can be reduced. PapersHelm reviews a list of techniques that you can follow for eliminating thes ...